About Red Banner

Red Banner: a magazine of socialist ideas was published in Dublin, Ireland between 1997 and 2016. In total, 63 issues of the magazine appeared. This website will feature a selection of the articles that appeared in Red Banner over the years.

From Issue 7 (July 2000) onwards, to avoid having to explain ourselves repeatedly, the following statement appeared on the back cover of every issue. It sums up the basic approach that drove Red Banner.

Red Banner is a revolutionary socialist magazine. We intend to present socialist ideas to as many people as we can, and to develop and apply those ideas to the needs of the struggle for socialism today. We wish to contribute, as far as we can, to ensuring that socialism succeeds in rescuing the world from barbarity.

Red Banner is convinced that the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves. As far as we are concerned, socialism means fully supporting the present-day struggles of workers against capitalism, and the ultimate replacement of it by a new, socialist system. We won’t be wasting paper with appeals to seek salvation in the election of nice politicians, or in the ascendancy of benevolent dictators.

Red Banner will afford zero tolerance to sectarianism. There are too many on the left who see the struggle in terms of their own narrow organisational success, and not enough whose main concern is the strength and fighting consciousness of the working class. Sectarian squabbles, internal gibberish, and self-advertisement will not find their way into our pages.

Red Banner does not have all the answers. We want the magazine to act as a forum to discuss the ways and means of making socialist revolution a reality. Those who write for the magazine speak for themselves. We have no party line to lay down or adhere to, only the broad standpoint of revolutionary socialism.

Red Banner depends on its readers being actively involved instead of just passive consumers: writing for the magazine, subscribing to it, selling it, criticising and improving it. Above all, the ideas of socialism have to succeed in the concrete struggles of the working class. It is only as part of that process that Red Banner means anything.