A false economy

Maeve Connaughton reviewed two attempts at a socialist response to the economic crisis in Issue 39 (December 2010). Kieran Allen, Ireland’s Economic Crash: A Radical Agenda for Change (Liffey Press)An Economy for the Common Good: Strategy for a new direction (Communist Party of Ireland, €4.50) Kieran Allen’s book appears, as he writes, “At a time … Continue reading A false economy

Mining soul deep: A lesson in history (part one)

In September 2009, twenty five years after the British miners’ strike, in Issue 37 Michelle Charlton began a look at how music played in solidarity with the struggle. Twenty five years ago, battle was joined between Britain’s miners and Margaret Thatcher’s government. On 12 March 1984 the National Union of Mineworkers began a strike against … Continue reading Mining soul deep: A lesson in history (part one)

Economical with the truth

As the recession dragged on, Maeve Connaughton offered this analysis of it in Issue 36 (June 2009). I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford itTell you the truth sir, someone just bought it Fry/White, ‘How to Be a Millionaire’ All that is solid melts into air, like the man said, and even more so if … Continue reading Economical with the truth

The Hidden Connolly 35

Issue 35 (March 2009) published for the first time since his execution a story of Dublin poverty by James Connolly. The Mendicity and its Guests [The Workers’ Republic, August 27 1898] A great city by night usually presents a series of studies in human nature which might make the fortunes of some of our latter-day … Continue reading The Hidden Connolly 35

Socialist Classics: William Morris, ‘Art and Socialism’

In December 2008 (Issue 34) Henry Gibson looked at a little-known work arguing that capitalism must be overthrown to build a creative society. This pamphlet, published in 1884 and based on a lecture given that year, is rarely cited as required reading for revolutionaries. Indeed, its author frequently features in left-wing discourse more as a … Continue reading Socialist Classics: William Morris, ‘Art and Socialism’

Poetry of our own

Joe Conroy welcomed a poetry collection in Issue 32 (June 2008). Kevin Higgins, Time Gentlemen, Please (Salmon Poetry) The least controversial definition of poetry is ‘writing that doesn’t go all the way to the right-hand side of the page’—which, given the parlous state of the rainforests, demands a greater justification for publishing it. But this … Continue reading Poetry of our own

The Hidden Connolly 31

In March 2008, Issue 31 presented an original chapter from The Re-Conquest of Ireland by James Connolly never published since his death. Labour and the Re-Conquest of IrelandV1 [The Irish Worker, June 15 1912] How often have we seen a hard-working woman, after struggling to rear a family for the nation, suddenly plunged into destitution … Continue reading The Hidden Connolly 31

Palestine: One state or two?

In December 2007 (Issue 30) Tara O’Sullivan addressed a central point of the fight for Palestinian freedom. This year has seen some impressive demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people, in the form of protests around the world against “40 years of occupation”. The Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank is meant, of … Continue reading Palestine: One state or two?


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