Goodnight, and good luck

Red Banner bade farewell in March 2016 with the following, opening Issue 63. Hopefully we will be able to continue walking the paths of the wind, because history continues beyond us, and when it says goodbye, it is saying: see you later. —Eduardo Galeano, 2010 This will be the last issue of Red Banner. Our … Continue reading Goodnight, and good luck

Gluaiseacht na saoirse

Phléigh Sinéad Nic Íomhair cás na dteifeach ag bogadh chun na hEorpa, agus doicheall an chórais rompu , in Eagrán 62 (Nollaig 2015) . Caidé a thug an nath “géarchéim na dteifeach” chuig barr achan mheán cumarsáide an samhradh seo a chuaigh thart? Bhí na milliúin teifeach ar domhan, cinnte, ach ní nuaíocht ar bith … Continue reading Gluaiseacht na saoirse

Rediscovering the reconquest

Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh examined a new edition of James Connolly’s The Re-Conquest of Ireland in Issue 61 (September 2015). John Callow, James Connolly & The Re-Conquest of Ireland (Evans Mitchell Books / GMB / RMT,) James Connolly’s pamphlet The Re-Conquest of Ireland was first published in early 1915, selling for sixpence. In 2008 Adam’s auctioneers, … Continue reading Rediscovering the reconquest

How did Trotsky lose?

In Issue 60 (June 2015), seventy five years after Leon Trotsky’s assassination, Joe Conroy tackled the enigma of his defeat at the hands of Stalin. The personal fate of Leon Trotsky has often come to personify the destiny of the Russian revolution, and not without reason. His precipitous ascent to the heights of revolutionary glory … Continue reading How did Trotsky lose?

Army dreamers

Noel McDermott reviewed two books on the Irish Citizen Army in Issue 59 (March 2015). Ann Matthews, The Irish Citizen Army (Mercier)Leo Keohane, Captain Jack White: Imperialism, anarchism & the Irish Citizen Army (Merrion Press) The Irish Citizen Army deserves all the attention it gets in labour historiography, and probably more. After all, it’s not … Continue reading Army dreamers

Marx and the new International

In September 2014, on the 150th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association, in Issue 57 Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh examined Marx’s involvement. The 1950s have a bad press and deservedly so, but the 1850s make them look a positively progressive decade. Across Europe the revolutions of 1848 were defeated, their protagonists keeping their heads down, … Continue reading Marx and the new International


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